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Emergency Treatment Available

Yes, We are always equipped to perform the emergency procedures.


Diagnostic Equipment Available

Yes, We have all the diagnostic instruments available at Sukhmani Hospital.


Blood Tests Facility Available

Yes, we have all the blood test facilities available at the hospital.


Same Day Appointment Available

Yes, You can even book the online appointments on this website.


Success Rate of Treatments

Our patients have shown a success rate of about 95%.


Gynaecological Tests Available

Yes, we have the uterine tests available along with other diagnostic procedures.

We at sukhmani hospital provide all kinds of gynaecology treatments. Some of the most commonly treated ailments are as follows:


1. PCOD or PolyCystic Ovary Disease

The cases of PCOD are treated in routine in the gynae OPD. The treatment is provided to both the adolescents and the adults. We help them understand the disease and the treatment module to relieve the anxiety of the patient.


2. Early Menarche and Related Problems

The adolescent girls who get their menarche earlier than other are counselled well and the related problems are also dealt with.


3. Patients with Multiple abortions, neonatal death, premature delivery, intrauterine death are also treated. We try our level best to find the cause and treat them too.


4. Preconceptual counselling at any age is also provided.


5. We guide the patient about different methods of abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy in case of any complications in child development or so.


6. Guidance in contraception at all age groups is provided. All methods of contraception are discussed at length with their pros and cons.


7.  Guidance in precautions and treatment of vaginal infections.


8. Guidance about sexually transmitted diseases is provided along with their prevention and  treatments.


9. Guidance for natural births are also provided to the expecting mothers.


10. Guidance to obese females are also provided before conception. Helping them during pregnancy and delivery is also part of our treatment process.


11. We help pre and post menopausal patients to cope with symptoms and different treatment modalities available for them.


12. We do Pap Smear and HPV testing regularly at Sukhmani Hospital.


13. Endometrial biopsy facility is also available in OPD.


14. We regularly do HSG (test to check for blocked tubes) with and without anesthesia.

All gynaecological disorders are treated at Sukhmani hospital and not just medications but the counselling and guidance are also provided for the whole well-being of the patient.

  1. D&C /MTP Procedure (done up to 1st trimester of Pregnancy).
  2. It is a day care procedure. Procedure time is 15-20 mins.
  3. Thereafter once the patient is comfortable, she is fit to leave the hospital in 2-3 hours.


Question 1. Can I get the full details about the contraceptive options here?

Answer. Yes, all the pros and cons of the contraceptive options are discussed with patient at length.


Question 2. I always have quite painful periods and very heavy flow, can it be treated?

Answer. Yes, the heavy and painful periods denote an underlying issue which is treatable in most cases.


Question 3. I am about to get married, can I ask my doubts and queries to the doctor?

Answer. Yes, Dr Kanwal Preet Gandhi provides pre-conceptual counselling at any age.


Question 4. Can you help me during my menopause stage?

Answer. Yes, the medications, dietary advice and lifestyle modifications are advised for the menopausal women on a regular basis to go through this phase easily.

Patient Name :  Nishu Tondon

D.O.A -18/01/2019

D.O.D -21/01/2019

Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital :    Dr. K.P. Gandhi as I was very pleased with my experience with you , in full tenure of nine months and she resolved all my problems. Coming here is like dealing with trusted Sukhmani  family.

Patient Name : Gurleen Kaur

D.O.A -12/01/2019

D.O.D -14/01/2019

Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital :   Special thanks to Bincy Sister,JON Jon,Dr. khushboo and brother Rinku and Dr.Sonu and Staff is really helpful and polite.

 Patient Name :  Rajni

D.O.A -04/01/2019

D.O.D -05/01/2019

Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital :    Mrs. Supriya sister is very supportive and caring.


Patient Name :  Swati Jain

D.O.A -29/01/2019

D.O.D -01/01/2019

Best thing you like in the Sukhmani hospital : Attendants and Staff, Doctors , Cleanliness and specially meal/canteen food (Excellent).

Patient Name : Mr. Rohit
Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital: Everybody works together like a team.

Patient Name : Mr. Durga
Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital: Patient care, staff, diet – excellent. Healthy environment

Patient Name : Mr. Ruzaan Khan
Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital: Cleanliness

Patient Name : Mrs. Maheshwari Pandey
Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital: The staff is very friendly.

Patient Name : Mr. Karan Prasad
Best thing you like in the Sukhmani Hospital: Staff are really helpful and polite and are always there for the patient when in need.

Patient Name : Mr . HEENAKSHI
Good Staff .

Patient Name : Rhia Gupta
Sisters are Extremely caring & Doctor are Cooperative .

Patient Name : Amrita Kaur
Nursing staff best service in Hospital.

Patient Name : Yamkala Paudel
The sukhmani Hospital Service is very good .

Patient Name: Rajeshwari Garg
Staff was very helpful.

Patient Name: Deepa Baisoya
Dr. K.P Gandhi madam is a very good doctor I like her. All staff’s behavior is very polity
Patient Name: Rita
Food and Staff

Patient Name: Kiran Satija
Cleanliness (2) Good service (3) Caring Staff

Patient Name: Mrs. Monika
The Promptness and the caring staff . Dr. Gandhi and sister supriya were responsible for the Smile on my face after surgery .

Patient Name:Mrs. Himani
Doctors service and care for the Patients .

Patient Name: Mr.Gurdeep Gill
Prompt Service , Comfortable stay Closer to Home .

Patient Name: Ms. Neelam KhanDuri
Doctor and staff both are professional and very caring.

Patient Name:Ms Gazal Singhal
Staff very nice and very attentive, cooperative.

Patient Name: Ms. Seema Verma
Co-operation and behavior of staff they are very friendly

Patient Name: Ms. SENTINARO AIER
Professionalism and always ready to listen to your issues and help.
Really liked the helping nature of the staff nurse .

Patient Name: Ms. POONAM GAUTAM
Dr.K.P Gandhi is the best and the whole nursing staff is very supporting and canteen food is very good.

Patient Name: Ms. PERNA
Comfort & behavior of staff and Doctor.

Nursing staff Excellent.

Patient Name: Ms. LALHUMHIMI
Nurse service .

Patient Name: Ms. SUSHMA SHARMA
(1) Doctors paying enough attention to the patient .
(2) All the staff member are very cooperative and friendly .

Patient Name: Ms. KAMLA
All service in best sukhmani hospital.

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