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Emergency Treatment Available

Yes, We are always equipped to perform the emergency procedures.


Diagnostic Equipment Available

Yes, We have all the diagnostic instruments available at Sukhmani Hospital.


Blood Tests Facility Available

Yes, we have all the blood test facilities available at the hospital.


Same Day Appointment Available

Yes, You can even book the online appointments on this website.


Success Rate of Treatments

Our patients have shown a success rate of about 95%.


Deformities Treatment Available

Yes, Dr. Arora is a specialist in the deformity correction of Cerebral palsy, polio and CTEV/Clubfoot etc.

Dr. Sarish Sharma is a senior consultant  in orthopedic  practicing at Sukhmani hospital safdarjang enclave with  experience of 10 years. He completed his post graduation from  Maharashtra university nasik  in 2009. He has changed thousands of lives by treating children with cerebral palsy and poliomyelitis. Most commonly performed treatments at Sukhmani Hospital are as follows –

1. Joint Inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis (OA), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Gout and Septic arthritis etc


2. Soft Tissue diseases such as tendonitis, de-quervain’s disease, synovitis etc.


3. Sprain and Strain Treatment


4. Backache treatment


5. Scoliosis (lateral bending of spine)


6. CTEV/ Congenital Talipes Equinovarus or Clubfoot treatment and corrective surgeries


7. Poliomyelitis deformity treatment surgeries


8. Bow legs and Knock knees treatment


9. Fracture Treatment


10. Hip joint replacement surgery


11. Alternative to knee joint replacement treatment, which involves the stem cell treatment therapy to delay and avoid the knee joint replacement surgery just by one injection.


12. Myopathy Treatments etc.

Question 1. I have vague joint pains, is it treatable?

Answer. After knowing the symptoms in detail, and running a few tests, diagnosis is made. After that treatment will be provided.


Question 2. Is there an alternative to knee joint replacement surgery?

Answer. Yes, stem cell therapy treatment can delay and even avoid the knee replacement surgery altogether.


Question 3. Can clubfoot be treated completely?

Answer. Yes, clubfoot can be treated fully with the help of orthosis, braces and surgical intervention.


Question 4. Is x-ray facility available at Sukhmani Hospital?

Answer. Yes, digital x-ray facility is available at Sukhmani hospital to avoid any hassle.

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