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Emergency Treatment Available

Yes, We are always equipped to perform the emergency procedures.


Diagnostic Equipment Available

Yes, We have all the diagnostic instruments available at Sukhmani Hospital.


Blood Tests Facility Available

Yes, we have all the blood test facilities available at the hospital.


Same Day Appointment Available

Yes, You can even book the online appointments on this website.


Success Rate of Treatments

Our patients have shown a success rate of about 95%.


Hearing Tests Available

Yes, we have the hearing tests available along with hearing aid fittings.

All kind of Ear, Nose and Throat ailments are treated in routine at Sukhmani Hospital. The most common ailments treated are –

1. Sinus Diseases such as sinusitis etc.


2. Larynx (Voice box) disorders


3. All kinds of Ear infections such as Otitis media, otitis Intima, Otitis externa etc are treated as well.


4. Ear noises (Tinnitus)


5. Balance diseases


6. Vertigo


7. Facial and cranial Nerve disorders


8. Nose Allergies


9. Breathing disorders


10. Swallowing disorders


11. Smelling ability disorders


12. Tumors of head and neck


13. Swimmer’s ear


14. Hearing Loss etc.


Question 1. I keep hearing ringing in my ears, can it be treated?

Answer. Yes, it can be treated with proper medication and treatment.


Question 2. I snore in my sleep, can it be because of any pathology?

Answer. Yes, it can be. Sometimes, the hindrance in the airway leads to snoring and you must get it checked.


Question 3. I have voice hoarseness, can it be treated?

Answer. Yes, after diagnosing the reason behind it, it can be treated.


Question 4. Do you have hearing test available?

Answer. Yes, we have that facility and hearing aid fitting too.

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