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Emergency Treatment Available

Yes, We are always equipped to perform the emergency procedures.


Hospitalization Required

Yes, The Bariatric surgery requires about 1-2 days of hospitalization.


All Bariatric Surgery Options Available

Yes, we have the best medications, comfortable patient-rooms and the surgery facilities available.


Same Day Appointment Available

Yes, You can even book the online appointments on this website.


Success Rate of Bariatric Weight loss Treatments

Our Bariatric Surgery patients have shown a success rate of about 95%.



Daily activities will resume after 2 days of surgery, however, strenuous activities are avoided for 1-2 weeks.

The bariatric surgeries are the procedures performed in order to facilitate the process of weight loss. The patients who are severely obese are the best candidates for these bariatric surgeries. It is performed laparoscopically which allow minimum incision and a faster recovery. Patient is up and about quite soon and the weight loss process is miraculous but the disciplined lifestyle of the patient still plays the key role. Some of the most commonly performed and quite successful procedures are –  

1. Gastric Bypass – In this surgery, a smaller stomach pouch is created. Which leads to a smaller stomach and it connects to the small intestine. The smaller stomach leads to a smaller appetite, more weight loss and the maintenance of lost weight as well. Patient lose about 50 to 60 percent of their body weight after this procedure. However some patients develop some mineral and vitamin deficiencies later in life.

2. Sleeve Gastrectomy – In this procedure, most part of the stomach is removed. A sleeve like pattern of the stomach is retained which resembles a banana. This surgery produces the same effects as the gastric bypass and is a very successful procedure for consistent weight-loss. The procedure is non-reversible one.

3. Gastric Bands – An inflatable gastric band is applied on the stomach to divide it into two compartments without cutting it.  Food passes slowly through the band thus patient will feel less hungry and craves less food. The weight loss occurs but it is a little slower than the other procedures. This procedure doesn’t have a risk of mineral and vitamin deficiencies in future.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Along with weight loss, Bariatric surgery provides many health benefits to the patient. The quality of life, mental health and the overall confidence of the patient improves. Some of the benefits of bariatric surgery are as follows –  

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Maintenance of the lost weight
  3. Sleep apnea treatment
  4. Blood pressure and Diabetes levels improve
  5. Patients with Heart disorders also see significant improvement in the functioning of heart.
  6. Gastroesophageal Reflux disease gets treated in most cases as the eating becomes balanced and in control.


Question 1. How do I know that I am eligible for bariatric surgery?

Answer. The bariatric surgeries are generally performed in extreme obesity cases and also in those who have failed to respond to the medication, dietary modification and lifestyle changes.


Question 2. Is it true that the bariatric surgeries help in controlling the blood sugar levels?

Answer. Yes, the studies have shown very promising results regarding diabetes.


Question 3. When will I get discharged after surgery?

Answer. It depends upon the type of surgery taking place. Most of the patients are discharged within two days of surgery.


Question 4. Are there any dietary restrictions post surgery?

Answer. A healthy diet routine is advised to accelerate the weight loss process.

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